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Rules and Regulations

Epic Events Race Rules


1. Format

The Epic Events LLC Race (THE EPIC) is a two person team mountain bike stage race. Teams have to race the entire distance of the THE EPIC together. 


2. The Rules are definitive and complete.

Failure to comply with the rules will result in a penalty, time penalties for minor infractions and disqualification in certain circumstances. The various rules and associated penalties are set out in Section D below.The interpretation of any Rule by the Race Organizer (Organizer) shall be final and binding on all participants. Rules may be amended at any time


3. Medical

All Riders must sign a competence waiver and Indemnification form in order to secure a RACE PLATE. Riders must ensure that they are in good health and well trained. The Race Organizers have the right to prevent a rider from continuing the race on advise from race medic or any other medical doctor. Medical and Technical assistance is provided at official aid-stations. Technical assistance may be provided to riders in neutral technical support zones throughout the race. Riders will be required to carry credit cards to pay for parts, should they be required.


4. Bikes

  1. Only mountain bikes are permitted on the course
  2. Bikes must be in good working order as determine by race officials
  3. Bikes and riders must be ‘race ready’ prior to the commencement of each stage
  4. Race Ready means that the bike has passed inspection and a RACE PLATE is securely attached to the front of the bike.
  5. Riders are responsible for maintenance of their bikes throughout the stage and must carry all tools and spares as they ride.


5. Gear

Helmets must be worn at all times during the race while the bike is in motion. Failure to wear a helmet when riding will result in a time penalty for the first offense and a disqualification for the second. Appropriate attire must be worn at all times. It is not permitted to wear a Yellow leaders’ Jersey unless you are leading your category.


6. Team

  1. Riders must pass all checkpoints together.
  2. Max allowable separation time is 2 minutes, separation time will be measure at several intervals on the course. Penalties will be imposed for violations of this rule.
  3. Any rider may receive physical assistance from his/her team member or from any fellow competitor.
  4. Riders must display RACE PLATE identification at all times affixed to the front of the bike.
  5. RACE PLATES must not be modified in any way
  6. Any team wishing to withdraw from the race must advise race officials. Should a rider or team fail to inform the officials of a withdrawal and a rescue is mounted for the individual or team, the cost of the rescue effort will be billed to the rider or team concerned.
  7. Should any individual team member fail or be unable to finish the race for any reason the other team member will be allowed to continue and will receive finisher status if rider finishes within the allotted time limits.


7. Ecological Sensitivity and Awareness

The mountain is a sensitive and delicate ecosystem, please respect the environment at all times, no littering (garbage can be discarded properly at aid-stations), no deviations off the marked route, no smoking at point on the course.


8. Protests

Any protests must be submitted on official sheets to the ORGANIZERS within two hours of the rider crossing the line.


9. Stages

Riders must complete the entire distance of all stages within the allotted maximum stage time to qualify as official race finishers. The actual course profile, route and distances may vary from the published course


10. Timing

  1. Only team times will be posted. Individual times will be recorded for the purpose of monitoring rider separation.
  2. The official team time is determined as the time when the second rider passes the finish line.
  3. No rider may carry more than one timing chip and it is strictly forbidden to have another rider carry your timing chip.
  4. Late starts are permitted but the cut-off times still apply
  5. Any team that does not start, does not finish a stage or does not make a cut-off time limit will automatically be considered part of the SWEPT group. Swept rider can continue to race the next stage but they will not be recorded as official finishers of the race. Being SWEPT more than once will result in automatic disqualification.
  6. Maximum cut-off and stage times are posted for each stage


11.Registration and Briefing

  1. Race Registration takes place as outlined in the event schedule which is available on the Event website
  2. Riders must have a valid ID and have been issued a USA cycling license in order to compete.
  3. All riders must have registered by the cut-off times outlined in the Event Schedule. Refunds are not granted to individuals or teams who miss deadlines or cut-off times.
  4. The Pre-race briefing is obligatory and will take place prior to the race as indicated in the Race Schedule.


12. Doping

  1. Organizers reserve the right to test any entrant for illegal substances
  2. No sanctioned riders are permitted to race
  3. Information on Riders who test positive will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities


13. Code of Conduct

All riders are expected to show good sportsmanship and decorum at all times, abusive, unduly loud or foul language  is forbidden during the race and in the village. Be respectful to your fellow racers, be chivalrous where possible, heed the guidance provided by race officials and enjoy the race.


  • US Forest Service Permit

    Some of the event course takes place on the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit and the Tahoe National Forest unde a Special Use Permit. Permit pending.
  • Trash and Recycling

    There will be trash and recycling containers at all full aid stations and the start-finish line. Please discard any trash in an appropiate container or within 100 yards of the aid station. Intentional litering on the course will be grounds for disqualification. The course - on trails both public and private - travels past many historic sites and through areas of exceptional beauty. Help us keep them pristine.

    We will be recycling all plastic and aluminium during these races, and all our events. We'll take care of this at the aid stations. At the start-finish, please ensure your place trash or recyclable materials in the appropiate containers, wich will be well marked.
  • Contact US

    Inger Norman
    Marketing Manager
    Phone 530 563 8089

    Gary Mandy
    Event Services Manager
    Phone 530 414 3867

    Conor Fennelly
    Athlete Registration Services Manager
    Phone 415 275 0789

    Jochen Hundt
    Athlete Registration Services Manager
    Phone 415 465 2539

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